Contractors Pollution Insurance

Contractors in business today are more and more required to offer more services in order to be competitive, while offering the best service and product possible. It is imperative that contractors who have built up there balance sheet protect there assets from ever-increasing legal litigation and damage awards due to pollution exposures from their operations. Contact Peake & McInnis LTD today for more information!

A must read for contractors, follow this link from Encon Insurance an industry leader in providing this type of coverage to the Construction Industry.

Why Should Contractors Purchase Pollution Liability Insurance?

Contractors offering any of the following services have a much greater need for protection from Pollution Claims:

  • General or maintenance contracting
  • Construction and/or environmental remediation/abatement
  • Electrical, mechanical or HVAC
  • Response action/emergency spill response
  • Above ground or underground storage tank installation or maintenance
  • Demolition
  • Street and road construction
  • New construction, renovation or rehabilitation of water treatment plants

The Coverages we can offer through Encons Environmental Package are:

  • Claims-made or occurrence policy form
  • Coverage for sudden and gradual pollution conditions
  • Third party bodily injury and third party property damage, including cleanup costs caused by pollution conditions resulting from covered operations
  • $250,000 limit for Emergency Remediation Costs
  • Supplementary Payments are included in the coverage agreement and do not reduce the limit of liability (certain conditions apply)
  • Deductible does not apply to Supplementary Payments
  • Coverage for on-site and off-site cleanup costs
  • Coverage for pollution conditions resulting from completed operations
  • Protection against claims alleging improper supervision of subcontractors which results in pollution conditions
  • Coverage for claims made in Canada

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